Terms of Lease


Terms of Lease

In these conditions, the following applies:
a. Aaro-sa : the company offering the holiday accommodations.
b. Main tenant/tenant: the counterparty of Aaro-sa, being the one for whom the rent is
negotiated and therefore the one who rents the holiday accommodation.

1. General.
1.1. These conditions are binding, both to Aaro-sa and to the one entering into a lease
with Aaro-sa
1.2. Aaro-sa commits by contract to make the holiday accommodation available, in accordance
with its description on the internet site at the time of booking. Evident deviations in
respect of this description are not binding to Aaro-sa.

2. Booking.
The holiday accommodation is booked online.
This form of booking is final and binding to you.

3. Lease.
3.1. After booking you will be sent your lease/invoice by e-mail. This agreement will be in
the Dutch language. Before being able to complete your booking, you need to agree with our
conditions and, just like Aaro-sa you are required to be in compliance with the provision
of the lease and the conditions, in particular the terms of payment as defined in the lease.
Changes may be possible up to 2 months prior to arrival, but always involve an administration
fee of 40,- euro.
3.2. The lease contains the following details: booking number and name and address of your
holiday accommodation, the rental period, the number of persons under 6 years of age, the
number of persons under 5 years of age, the number of pets, arrival- and departure times,
the rent, fixed costs, cleaning fees, the deposit and the terms of payment. The lease will
be stored in our archives.
3.3. On booking, you need to book for the maximum number of people present during the rental
period. The charge for fixed costs applies to that number of persons during the entire
rental period.

4. Prices.
4.1. Listed prices are binding for the year to which the price list applies.
The fixed costs may change as a result of market fluctuations.
Prices as listed in the lease are binding, although subject to errors.
4.2. Tenants are to arrange their own cancellation insurance.

5. Payment.
5.1. Within three days after receipt of the lease, the first deposit should be made,
being 50% of the rent, including surcharge. This amount needs to be added to our account
at the latest on the date as mentioned with the 1st payment.
5.2. The remaining rent should have been added to our account at the latest six weeks prior
to arrival in the holiday accommodation (see date 2nd payment).
5.3. The surcharge fixed costs and deposit should be transferred 14 days prior to arrival
as indicated in the payment overview.
5.4. On booking two months prior to arrival, the full rent plus all costs should be
transferred on receipt of the lease.
5.5. In case of non-compliance with the payment obligations, the lease is automatically
dissolved without reimbursement or any compensation.

6. Deposit.
6.1. At the latest 14 days prior to arrival of the tenant, the deposit as defined in the
lease should be paid. This deposit is mainly preventive in nature and serves to cover any
damage to the accommodation, its surroundings and its contents. If damage exceeds the amount
of the deposit, the tenant is required to make an additional payment.
6.2. The main tenant is liable for the entire group of co-tenants and for any guests and
pets. The main tenant, his co-tenants and all others present on behalf of the main tenant
should manage the rented holiday accommodation and its contents as a good family man,
while observing the tranquility of the environment.
6.3. If the tenant unexpectedly damages the rented holiday accommodation, his environment
or his inventory, this should be reported to Aaro-sa immediately.
The related repair- and replacement costs need to be compensated immediately on site.
Afterwards, main tenant can invoke any insurance against damage taken out by him/her.
The main tenant is liable for any damage caused by him/her, co-tenants or any visitors and
pets, even if they are identified after his / her departure.
6.4. When damages are reported immediately, as prescribed in 6.3, consultation with Aaro-sa
may be held. When damages are identified after the departure of the main tenant, he/she
will have to conform to the judgment of Aaro-sa.
6.5. Obvious defects to the accommodation and / or its contents need to be reported to
Aaro-sa within two hours after occupying it. The final inspection shall be performed by
the cleaner after your departure.
6.6. The deposit is reimbursed within 14 days after your departure minus any costs/damages.
For damage greater than 50,- euro this term can be exceeded.

7. Number of persons/pets.
7.1. When exceeding the maximum number of allowed persons and / or pets as specified in the
lease, Aaro-sa reserves the right to consider the lease automatically dissolved and to deny
access to the holiday accommodation. In this case, Aaro-sa will provide no reimbursement
nor will any compensation be paid by Aaro-sa to the tenant.
The same applies to violations of article 6.2 and 6.3.

8. Arrival- and departure times.
8.1. The tenant is free to determine his arrival- or departure times, within the periods
and times booked by the tenant. However, tenant should not arrive earlier than the time
specified in the lease, nor should he depart later than the time specified in the lease.
If these times are not complied with, Aaro-sa shall charge tenant for all resulting costs.
8.2. When exceeding the departure time, a subsequent rental period can be charged, including
all possible claims and costs of the next tenants. In addition, the hours of a waiting
cleaning lady shall be charged at a rate of 39 Euro per hour, VAT inclusive.

9. House rules.
9.1. By agreeing to the terms of booking and Terms of Lease of Aaro-sa, the tenant is required
to comply with the following house rules and ensure that the other tenants, or co-tenants,
any visitors and pets present comply with these. These house rules are as follows:
9.2. Our cleaners know every detail of the house. During the cleaning process, they perform
an inspection and shall replenish the inventory. This means that, usually, the inventory
should be ok. If this is not the case, we ask you to notify us of this within two hours after
arrival. Eventually, you will be responsible for a proper delivery on departure.
9.3. There is a flannel around the mattress protecting the mattress. Please cover this with
your own sheets. There is a pillowcase around the pillow to protect it, please cover this
with your own pillow case. When soiling our flannel or pillowcase, you will be charged
5 Euro per bed. Cleaning a blanket costs 17,35 euro.
9.4. You are only allowed to start a fire in the fireplace or woodstove inside the house.You
are strictly forbidden to start a fire outside. The barbecue should only be used with charcoal!
9.4. Don't cause any nuisance to your neighbors, in particular after 10 PM.
9.5. It is prohibited to flush tampons or the likes through the toilet. This causes blockage.
Every toilet has a waste bucket for this purpose. The use of bleach is alto not allowed,
since the holiday accommodations have biologic purification stations.
9.6. If the tenant has received permission to bring a pet, there should be no traces of the
presence of this pet after departure of the tenant. The excreta of these pets, both inside
and outside the holiday accommodation need to be removed by the tenant. The same applies to
the hairs of these pets. When the tenant is in default concerning this, a surcharge for
cleaning costs shall apply of 39 euro per hour.
9.7. In order to increase the safety of the tenants, most holiday accommodations have a fire
blanket and one or more fire extinguishers. Aaro-sa strongly recommends the tenant to
carefully read the user manual of this. Removing or breaking of the seal of the extinguishers
without proper reason is prohibited. If Aaro-sa needs to refill the extinguishers (which
is a legal requirement when the seal is broken) the costs of this, being 98 euro per
extinguisher, shall be charged to the tenant.

10. Delivery.
10.1. Final cleaning. As you all know, staff is very expensive. Your contribution to the
cleaning costs is actually a contribution. It consumes a lot of time to clean properly.
This is why we request the following contributions from you. Delivering the house and the
garden in their original state, for instance:
a: Emptying the trash cans and separating and placing the trash outside, according to
regulations in a knotted and authorized trash bags. If the trash is not separated according
to regulations, this always involves a 70 euro fee.
b: throwing empty glass into the class container.
This container is usually located in the village center.
c: Pans, dishes, cutlery etc should be clean and stored where they belong.
d: The blankets and pillows on the beds should be folded the way you found them on arrival.
e: The house should be delivered clean and vacuum cleaned and all furniture should be
returned to its original location.
f: If you had permission to bring along a dog or dogs, please make sure that there are no
visible or odor traces of this on your departure.
g: All damages, breakage or defects should be reported immediately.
h: Outdoor tables and chairs should be stored where they belong and the barbecue should be
cleaned and stored. In short: everything should be returned the state in which you found them.
When you are in default with regard to the above mentioned points, a surcharge for cleaning
is inevitable.

11. Liability.
11.1. Aaro-sa accepts no liability for theft, loss or damage of whatever nature during or
as a result of a stay in the holiday accommodation rented by the tenant, nor for the failure
of technical appliances present in the holiday accommodations.
11.2. The tenant and all persons and / or animals who accompany him or her are severally
liable for all losses and / or damage suffered by Aaro-sa and / or any third party as a
direct or indirect consequence of their stay, regardless of whether this was caused by their
actions or negligence or that of third parties present in the holiday accommodations on
their behalf, as well as all damage caused by any animal and / or goods they carry.
11.3. Every accommodation has been visited and inspected by Aaro-sa or one of her
representatives in advance. The descriptions listed on line are correct and created in good
faith. Yet, Aaro-sa rejects all liability for any modifications made by the owner outside
her knowledge.
11.4. Force Majeure at the side of Aaro-sa applies if the implementation of the agreement is
completely or partially, whether or not temporary, is prevented due to circumstances beyond
the control of Aaro-sa, including war threats, fire, floods, strikes and other disturbances
or events. Aaro-sa is in no way liable for this. If this Force Majeure makes the partial or
full implementation of the agreement impossible, Aaro-sa is required to reimburse the tenant
the full amount of rent paid. Condition thereto is that the tenant contacts Aaro-sa
immediately and confirms the issue in writing within 24 hours after becoming aware of it
through e-mail: info@aaro-sa.com . If the aforementioned written notification has not taken
place and the tenant has prematurely left the holiday accommodation without the permission
of Aaro-sa, the tenant shall lose all entitlement to any reimbursement of the rent.
Complaints filed after the departure of the tenant shall not be considered and shall not
lead to entitlement to compensation of damages.
11.5. If Aaro-sa. Is unable to make the rented accommodation available to the tenant as a
result of Force Majeure or for any other reason beyond its control, except in case of intent
and / or gross neglect of Aaro-sa or others appointed by her, Aaro-sa is allowed to offer
the tenant an accommodation of equal value, provided that the tenant explicitly agrees with
this. If the rent of this accommodation is lower, the difference in price will be reimbursed
to the tenant of the holiday accommodation. If parties are unable to reach an agreement,
they can each terminate the contract. In this case, Aaro-sa shall only reimburse the amount
deposited for rent, and not compensate any other costs.
11.6. All disputes related to booking and rental are subject to Belgian Law and will be
brought before the Peace Court of the district where the property is located. The fact that
the tenant has agreed to the conditions during booking, leads to the assumption that the
tenant is aware of the contents of the general terms of lease of Aaro-sa and consequently
accepted these without any reservation or exceptions.
11.7. If any conditions or clauses in the agreement are invalid, this does not affect the
validity of the other conditions of the agreement.

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